Veganize earth by enabling easy discovery and access to all things vegan
goVegn Product
We're building a dedicated vegan platform where you can discover all things vegan. This includes vegan menu options at restaurants, vegan inventory at grocery stores, vegan products including clothing, shoes and cosmetics, and vegan services such as cruelty free salons and vegan chefs and caterers. We're starting out by solving the problem of eating vegan at restaurants in the SF Bay Area and beyond.
Our Approach
It's part art and part science. We research and analyze restaurant menus at a granular level using a combination of domain knowledge, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and conversations with restaurants. This helps us verify items on restaurant menus that are truly vegan or can be veganized. It also helps us determine allergy, health and cross contamination (think vosher) info. And, we invite you to help the cause by adding places that might have vegan options and by reviewing places already in the system.
Founding Team
Balaji Sundararajan, CEO
Balaji Sundararajan, CEO
Interests: Veganism, Technology, Health
Experience: 3 Tech Startups, F500 Companies (Founder, Ops)
Education: MS Manufacturing Systems, Stanford
Andriy Rozdolsky, Engineering
Andriy Rozdolsky, Engineering
Interests: AI, Machine Learning, Architecture
Experience: 4 Technology Startups (Founder, Eng)
Education: MS Applied Math, Univ. of Lviv
Lisa Dentino, Content
Lisa Dentino, Content
Interests: Vegan Food, Nutrition, Community
Experience: 3 Startups, F500 Companies (Content, Sales)
Education: MA English, San Francisco State